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The Scent World of SCENT::LINQ

Everyday, thousands of people worldwide visit a hotel and linger in a store; professionally scented by SCENT::LINQ and enjoy the unique sensorial experience it offers them

Our fragrances become the signatures that touch emotions and enhance our powers of attraction with that special ambient scent. These unique olfactive designs can reinforce both the emotional as well as the functional attributes of our clients’ brands. First impressions are crucial. For example; forget boring reception desks, the most lavish hotel lobbies go beyond the norm, aiming to impress from first sight, and also completing the elegant decoration by a unique scent.

Our passion is fragrance and we live this every day through the intense, collaborative work that is needed to design winning scents. We work with world class perfumers embrace the insights of our clients in more than 40 countries, to create fragrances that inspire emotions and fulfill desires.

SCENT::LINQ’s team spirit and global network is second to none, uniting and connecting all our industry leading expertise around the world to deliver outstanding results.

Fragrances SCENTLINQ

Our scent collection is

Intoxicating. Multicultural. Emotional. Expressive. Pulsating. Dynamic. Surprising. Authentic. Exciting. Invigorating. Multifaceted.Inspiring. Electrifying. Sensual. Pleasurable. Stimulating. Fascinatng We have a large selection of scent collection, more than 70 exquisite scents. From Green Tea & Lemongrass to Red Sequoia, the sweet hint of fig tree, the zest of ginger... In addition to our extensive scent collection, we also offer signature scent creation and scent branding services.